about me


Some say I look like Glenn Close. I’ve also been told I look like Meryl Streep. Ummmm…hard to tell with the sunglasses and fake lips.

I’ve had the same hair style for 20+ years. No laughing. Really, stop laughing. I’m going to think you’ve been talking with my daughter. She rolls her eyes if the subject of my hair comes up.


My love of sculpting is what pushes me to work up to fourteen hours a day. Sometimes I can’t walk away because doing so is the equivalent of holding my breath. And how long can the average person hold their breath? What, something like four minutes? Coincidently, when I’m sculpting, four minutes is roughly the amount of time needed to quickly eat something or run to the bathroom.

Creating ‘art proves the soul’ and gives meaning in my world.

I believe by sharing our creativity we nourish each other’s hearts, our souls. You might visit my journal page or view one of my slide shows – both will give you a peek into how and why I create. I’d love to hear from you about how and why you create. So, your comments are welcomed and a give-and-take of suggestions are especially appreciated. Contact me here.
The downside to creating art is sometimes losing a piece. When I lose a piece, like in a kiln mishap, I lose a piece of my heart. But I’ve discovered for me it’s not really about completing the sculpture, it’s about creating the sculpture. What’s that saying? The one about the journey being more important than the destination? I do understand. I know it’s the actual sculpting that drives me because the finished piece isn’t anywhere near as important to me as the time I spent touching the clay.
View my gallery of completed works, where you just might discover my sculptures have familiar sounding titles – I am inspired by music and all the titles originated from song lyrics. All my ceramic sculptures are one-of-a-kind, very simple in subject matter and small in size. And my new ceramic chocolate candies are even smaller – the actual sizes of real chocolates.
I use non-traditional sculpting tools – most of which I’ve found in thrift stores. Each of my sculptures takes about a week to create, is “babied” through a three-to-four week drying period and then fired twice in my kiln.
BTW, I consider myself to be an outsider* artist even though I have a résumé.

*refers to the creative work of artists who are self-taught, naïve, innocent, visionary, intuitive, eccentric, schizophrenic, developmentally disabled, psychotic, obsessive, compulsive, etc. Those who know me know which of these most appropriately describe me!