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spider monkey sculpture

God's Monkey...find the ladder, climb the ladder

And, here he is…the spider monkey. A cute little fella. Yeah, I know, this is only his head. But again I wanted to work on detail, detail, detail. Of course, he’s somewhat stylized. I didn’t read up a lot on spider monkeys so I… Continue Reading “spider monkey sculpture”

green iguana sculpture

My Iguana...play with my iguana

This sculpture is a little different from what I normally sculpt because it’s just the head of a green iguana and not the whole iguana. But what better way to focus on detail? Maybe I went a bit overboard but it was a lot… Continue Reading “green iguana sculpture”

warthog sculpture

tusks detail

I thought what animal can I sculpt? I don’t have a lot of clay because all the clay I have is from leftover scraps which I’ve combined together. I wanted to do an animal that enjoys mud. And of course, an American pig came… Continue Reading “warthog sculpture”

mountain gorilla sculpture

face detail

Another sculpture – a mountain gorilla. I just had to try sculpting one – plus, it fits in with all the other African animal sculptures I’ve recently done. I can’t say I learned much about gorillas. I just kept staring at their faces. I… Continue Reading “mountain gorilla sculpture”

bighorn ram sculpture

head detail

Another new sculpture – a bighorn ram. They’re powerful. They’re intense. They’re cool. Look at him riding that wave. Can’t you feel the strength of the impact that’s to come? I wanted to sculpt a bighorn ram in combination with crashing ocean waves because… Continue Reading “bighorn ram sculpture”