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bottlenose dolphin sculpture

head detail

My newest ceramic sculpture – a bottlenose dolphin. And why not sculpt a dolphin? They’re beautiful. Most interesting facts? There are 40 species of dolphins – some with habitats that even include fresh water. Dolphin eyeballs can move independently of one another and dolphins… Continue Reading “bottlenose dolphin sculpture”

christina…she owns and operates her own sunshine factory

hand detail

I got this GREAT idea – anytime someone is generous enough to pose for me I’ll name the sculpture after them. So, here’s my latest ceramic sculpture, aptly named “Christina”, after my eldest son’s girlfriend. What can I tell you about the real Christina?… Continue Reading “christina…she owns and operates her own sunshine factory”

sumatran elephant sculpture

trunk detail

My latest ceramic sculpture – a Sumatran elephant. It’s a relative of the Asian Elephant. Most interesting facts? They use infrasonic sounds to communicate with one another! The female Sumatran elephant doesn’t have tusks. She has short protrusions called tushes which won’t grow longer… Continue Reading “sumatran elephant sculpture”

nile crocodile sculpture

head detail

A Nile crocodile…who would have thunk it? This sculpture, like the rhino and mud woman sculptures, is an experiment in depicting flowing water and mud evolving into the Nile crocodile’s body. On the good side, by working with such an “ugly” subject, every time… Continue Reading “nile crocodile sculpture”

the mud woman, a self portrait

face detail

I started another sculpture and this will be my first self portrait. I got out my self-timing digital camera and took 10 nude photos of myself doing the same pose from different angles and pretty much created a 360 view. It was necessary to… Continue Reading “the mud woman, a self portrait”