white rhino sculpture

rhino finished 2Since this is the first time I’ve tried sculpting a rhino I thought why not try incorporating something different – I’m going to make the water part of this sculpture look like it’s been poured and then flowed into the shape of the rhino itself. This sculpture is coming along great. All of the interior water has been done and I’ve started working on the face. I’ve discovered that by depicting the water evolving into the rhino I am able to hollow out the sculpture at the same time that I’m creating it. What a timesaver! He’s done but no name yet. Since he was an experiment it’s a little different naming him. I had a lot of fun messing around with the textures on this sculpture – look at the roughness of the rhino’s skin on his head. I have learned all sorts of cool facts about white rhinos – they have two humps, very noticeable flat lips, and their heads are much larger than the black rhino’s head. Check out this Wikipedia site.



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