I Have Dercum’s Disease

my pledge

I pledge to give a minimum of 50% of each sale towards Dercum’s disease research. I also pledge to give 100% of any sale of a commissioned piece for Dercum’s disease research. The donations will go to the Fat Disorders Resource Society.

I am currently showing a self-portrait at the interurban arthouse. Though not a commissioned piece I will donate 100% of my share of the sales price towards Dercum’s disease research.


Because rare disease patients have unique difficulties.

And, there are a lot of us in the United States: 30 million rare disease patients sharing 7,000 rare diseases.

Besides Dercum’s disease I’ve also been diagnosed with MGUS, prurigo nodularis, during each of my 3 pregnancies, intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy and lipedema (this last disease is not rare but worse, it’s estimated to affect up to 18 million women in the United States, mostly undiagnosed). That is a lot of women with a disease that doesn’t officially yet have it’s own ICD-10 CM code.1

I promise a speedy reply. Got questions? Have answers?
Please understand, this page is a work in progress.


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