the mud woman, a self portrait

face detail
Muddy Maude…all that you have is your soul
Muddy Maude…all that you have is your soul

I started another sculpture and this will be my first self portrait. I got out my self-timing digital camera and took 10 nude photos of myself doing the same pose from different angles and pretty much created a 360 view. It was necessary to hook up an external monitor to my laptop so I could view all 10 photos at the same time. By the way, this is as close as I get to posting a naked picture of myself on-line, LOL. This sculpture will be called, “the mud woman, a self portrait”.
She has a new name; Muddy Maude. It seems that the Mud Woman name is a little too common. The Mud Woman name must feed off of a archetype, don’t you think? Doesn’t the name invoke a very earthy feel? I wish I could have used it. She starts at the top with hair made out of flowing water which changes into a mixture of water and mud that forms her body.

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