bighorn ram sculpture

head detail
I’ll Fight…i’ll fight, i’ll fight, i’ll fight, i’ll fight for you
I’ll Fight…i’ll fight, i’ll fight, i’ll fight, i’ll fight for you

Another new sculpture – a bighorn ram. They’re powerful. They’re intense. They’re cool. Look at him riding that wave. Can’t you feel the strength of the impact that’s to come? I wanted to sculpt a bighorn ram in combination with crashing ocean waves because I associate a huge similarity between them – they both display a lot of forward energy with an expected big bang. What I’ve learned about bighorn rams? They’re best known for their head-to-head combat. Their horn size is a symbol of rank and is used to their advantage as they smash into an opponent at speeds of 20 miles per hour. Their combat has been observed to last as long as 25 hours with about 5 clashes an hour.
All finished – and again, like my other sculptures this is an experiment in depicting flowing water and mud evolving into the bighorn ram. When this sculpture is glazed it will be mostly shades-of-blue for the “water” and earth-tones for depicting the “mud” that forms the ram’s body.
In the “finished…a few more liberties taken…but, but…I’m an artist” category: one of the ram’s horns is ever so slightly wider than the other. Can you guess which one? I know, sounds a little like a Sesame Street Game, LOL. Check out these sites for interesting information about bighorn rams; Wikipedia and Defenders of Wildlife.

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