mountain gorilla sculpture

face detail
Inner Quiet…peace without illusions
Inner Quiet…peace without illusions

Another sculpture – a mountain gorilla. I just had to try sculpting one – plus, it fits in with all the other African animal sculptures I’ve recently done. I can’t say I learned much about gorillas. I just kept staring at their faces. I have to say, in every photograph of a gorilla I studied each face showed a different expression. I saw boredom, anger, contentment, curiosity, friendliness, the list goes on and on.
All finished – and again, like my other sculptures this is an experiment in depicting flowing water and mud evolving into the gorilla. When this sculpture is glazed it will be mostly shades-of-blue for the “water” and earth-tones for depicting the “mud” that forms the gorilla’s body.
In the “finished…a few more liberties taken…but, but…I’m an artist” category: I wish I had made this sculpture with more of a focus on the face because gorilla faces have so much to them – what they portray and all those interesting wrinkles. I did find some sites if anyone wants to read more about gorillas; Wikipedia and Defenders of Wildlife.

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