warthog sculpture

tusks detail
Roughneck…born to be a roughneck
Roughneck…born to be a roughneck

I thought what animal can I sculpt? I don’t have a lot of clay because all the clay I have is from leftover scraps which I’ve combined together. I wanted to do an animal that enjoys mud. And of course, an American pig came to mind but that doesn’t go along with the African motif I’ve been developing. Then I came across Phacochoerus aethiopicus – the warthog. He’s perfect. He enjoys mud, can be sculpted with a small amount of clay and he roams the African savanna. He’s also even uglier then the African crocodile I recently sculpted. And for me ugly can be interesting. FYI: warthogs get their name from the bumps on their faces that look like warts.
All finished – and again, like my other sculptures this is an experiment in depicting flowing water and mud evolving into the warthog. When this sculpture is glazed it will be mostly shades-of-blue for the “water” and earth-tones for depicting the “mud” that forms the warthog’s body.
In the “finished…a few more liberties taken…but, but…I’m an artist” category: I wish I had made this sculpture even uglier and I did take a slight liberty with his ears. Here are some informational sites for those who wish to learn more about warthogs; Wikipedia, YouTube, and Animal Diversity Web.

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