spider monkey sculpture

spider monkey sculptureAnd, here he is…the spider monkey. A cute little fella. Yeah, I know, this is only his head. But again I wanted to work on detail, detail, detail. Of course, he’s somewhat stylized. I didn’t read up a lot on spider monkeys so I can’t share much interesting information about them. What I did was find some great photos of spider monkeys to work from, sit down in my studio with a chunk of clay, and sculpt away. I did notice in all the photos of spider monkeys that the older a monkey got the more wrinkles he had (duh) but also how their faces would grow darker and darker and their nostrils would flair out more and more.
All finished – and again, like my other sculptures this is an experiment in depicting flowing water and mud evolving into the spider monkey. When this sculpture is glazed it will be mostly shades-of-blue for the “water” and earth-tones for depicting the “mud” that forms the monkey’s  body.
In the “finished…a few more liberties taken…but, but…I’m an artist” category: I took a very small liberty with his ear but only because in every photo that I found of a spider monkey’s ear the author’s copy right information flowed right over that very same part.



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