art proves the soul – wall art

art proves the soul - wall art
art proves the soul - wall art
art proves the soul – wall art

This was just an idea I had. A little bit of an experiment that I wanted to try. It’s vastly different from what I normally do, come on, it’s wall art.  I feel like I’m creating a poster or something. The quote on this piece is mine. I have a number of quotes I’d like to use. Anyway, overall I like how this piece came out. I do think it could have used a bit more color and instead of what looks like two pieces of spaghetti I think a braid winding its way around the border would have looked nicer. I’m planning on molding future “wall arts” so I’ll have to design and create a mold for the basic part and create stamps for the quotes.
I had to get a level thickness so I used a rolling-pin and CD cases for adjusting the height. Next I created a layout for the quote and used a push-pin to imprint the letters on the then flat clay. Then I sculpted out the spaghetti border and added the water design I like so much.

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