dragon growler

A friend of mine, LeRoy, made the beer growler on his pottery wheel and I added the dragon.  This is our first collaboration and I hope to do more with LeRoy because he is extremely talented.
I still need a title for this piece and since I name my sculptures after songs I’m thinking, maybe, a drinking song?
Postscript: What could be better for a title than “The Flagon with the Dragon” from the Danny Kaye movie, “The Court Jester“?  I know it’s not a song – but it fits so well.

6 thoughts on “dragon growler

  1. so good this dragon!


    1. Hi there Anser, I must apology for not responding sooner. Thank you for liking the beer growler and I hope to be seeing more postings on your WordPress – I’m following you now.

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  2. Awesome growler! Great choice of collaboration.


    1. Thank you for stopping by dear Ryan.

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  3. Perhaps I could help???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Consider this me placing my order…LOL.


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