commission piece for HNC Living Foundation

I gratefully accepted the opportunity of creating a commission piece for this year’s MASK’S for AID benefit auction to be held Saturday April 8th at the Starlight Theatre located in Kansas City, Missouri. Commissioned artists were instructed to “transform a radiation mask into something beautiful” and given an actual radiation mask used by a cancer patient.
My piece is titled, “Throw Your Pain in the River…to be washed away slow” from the song, “The River” by PJ Harvey. This title helps convey the peace and release from pain that I wish for the former user of my radiation mask and the sculpture itself offers a visually soothing oasis.
Upon completion my ceramic sculpture depicting flowing water will utilize different shades of blue glazes and light to emphasis movement – the movement of air, the movement of water, and symbolically, the movement from pain to peace.
The Masks for AID benefit auction is attended by more than 400 business and civic leaders from across the Kansas City community and all the monies raised will stay in the Kansas City area assisting head and neck cancer patients through the HNC Living Foundation’s financial assistance program. Those wishing to sponsor this benefit auction or help in any other way may call 913-402-6028.

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