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another relief sculpture

I sculpted this small (6″Lx3″Hx1″D) relief sculpture to resemble a weathered-looking ancient Roman wall. What Roman wall doesn’t have a bit of graffiti? So I just had to add some and, yes, that is a reference to early Christianity in the graffiti.

I love relief sculpture!

I think I’m going to spend a lot of time playing with relief sculpture.

dragon growler

A friend of mine, LeRoy, made the beer growler on his pottery wheel and I added the dragon.  This is our first collaboration and I hope to do more with LeRoy because he is extremely talented. I still need a title for this piece… Continue Reading “dragon growler”

art proves the soul – wall art

art proves the soul - wall art

This was just an idea I had. A little bit of an experiment that I wanted to try. It’s vastly different from what I normally do, come on, it’s wall art.  I feel like I’m creating a poster or something. The quote on this… Continue Reading “art proves the soul – wall art”

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