commission piece for HNC Living Foundation

I gratefully accepted the opportunity of creating a commission piece for this year’s MASK’S for AID benefit auction to be held Saturday April 8th at the Starlight Theatre located in Kansas City, Missouri. Commissioned artists were instructed to “transform a radiation mask into something beautiful” and given an actual radiation mask used by a cancer [...]

a mother’s day message

I'm teaching children's ceramic classes at Got Art Gallery and this is one of a number of absolutely beautiful creations made in celebration of Mother's Day. This student's personal message to her mother is one I find so flawlessly apropos. Quote by Lin Yutang.

me on buddha brunch This is one of only two videos of me in existence and I must say this video was a whole lot easier to make than the one I made popping out a baby. Watch to see a short tour of my studio and hear about my dedication to sculpting. Also, check out other Buddha Brunch [...]

clay classes at Got Art Gallery

This coming April I'll be teaching two kid's clay classes. One class for a child with an adult to hand-build a wind chime and another class for a child to hand-build a Mother's Day gift. See details below and visit Got Art Gallery for more information. Wind Chimes Clay Date $55 Sunday April 10th (1-2:45 [...]