MICROCOSMOS exhibition

God's Monkey...find the ladder, climb the ladder

Two of my ceramic sculptures from the “Masks” series, “God’s Monkey…find the ladder, climb the ladder” and “My Iguana…play with my iguana” will be on display as part of the “MICROCOSMOS” exhibition at Gallery 621 located in Benicia, CA during October and November. The gallery is an artists cooperative promoting contemporary art and specifically for this juried exhibition were requesting, “artists…to submit work that demonstrates uniqueness in style and application…under twelve inches for the purpose of exemplifying that beautiful work can have a powerful voice even in a small size.”

wedding present

I belong to an artists’ group and each of us created a gift for a different member using our own preferred media but taking into account the recipient’s style. My “creativity partner” happens to like incorporating Celtic elements into his art plus he recently got married! So to celebrate his marriage I sculpted him a simple Celtic marriage knot and made it into a wall plaque. Out of view are the little “tunnels” I sculpted into the plaque for the braided string I later added for hanging. He told me he really likes it – yay!

wannabe cakes

I got this crazy idea…ceramic cupcakes with a Tim Burton kinda appeal! So I’m doing  a series on all the cakes we’re so familiar (and not so familiar with) as we move through our lives. Here’s a sampling – a retirement cake, wedding cake, birthday cake and wake cake. Yeah, I did use a big old-fashioned looking watch for the retirement cake and the “day of the dead” motif for the wake cake. Those two cakes just don’t have perfect symbols like a wedding or birthday cake – I had to improvise, but wait, isn’t improvisation a form of artistic expression? I don’t know yet about the coloring for the retirement cake but the wedding cake will be white, of course, and the birthday cake will have pink & blue sprinkles and the wake cake will have super dark frosting to contrast with the bright coloring of the “day of the dead” skull.

raffle winner

And the winner is…no, I can’t say, not here in a public blog post. But I can say the lucky winner received a “six-pack” of my sculpted ceramic chocolates. Not just “candies”, mind you, they are also magnets and I hope they bring a bit of joviality to all the many notes left on her fridge. A few of my personal favorites are included in this set; a tiger-striped coffee bean candy and the wannabe pineapple candy. You know me, I love my coffee and pineapples represent a welcoming to friends and neighbors. With her six magnet ceramic chocolate candies comes a matching handmade gift box. Just in case she decides to give them away, brightening another’s day.