First Fridays 10,000 Eyes Visionary Exhibition

My sculpture, along with the artwork of Matthew Crim, Adrian Halpern and Caleb Harman, will be on display in the Crossroads Arts District from April 3rd through May 31st at WindHorse Tattoo and Gallery. I made a special piece for this show and I just received the base for this piece today from my friend – thank you Matthew. I hope to see friends and supporters and I promise the weather will be beautiful (well, somewhere in the world).

dragon growler

A friend of mine, LeRoy, made the beer growler on his pottery wheel and I added the dragon.  This is our first collaboration and I hope to do more with LeRoy because he is extremely talented.
I still need a title for this piece and since I name my sculptures after songs I’m thinking, maybe, a drinking song?
Postscript: What could be better for a title than “The Flagon with the Dragon” from the Danny Kaye movie, “The Court Jester“?  I know it’s not a song – but it fits so well.


Shimmerwyck is a unique store carrying one-of-a-kind, locally hand-made jewelry and other tidbits in a bright funky setting. My ceramic “chocolate” pendants fit right in with the atmosphere of Tammy’s shop – plus she’s such a darling and absolutely fabulous to be around. Find Shimmerwyck located at 1607 West 39th Street in Kansas City.

chocolate lovelys

Chocolate Lovelys
Here are some of my favorite creations – little ceramic chocolate candies. I find them to be so cute and dare I say, “sweet”? They are individually made so each one is unique. Some are meant to be given as tokens of appreciation and others were created as Christmas tree ornaments. They do make “sweet” remembrances for exceptional occasions and they can be personalized too. Click here to see the entire collection. By the way, they are named after the instrumental “Chocolate Lovely” by Amon Tobin.